About vpsaddict.com

Jonathan Mainguy owns this domain.

Vpsaddict was a domain I bought while addicted to renting new vm’s off of LowEndBox

I believe I was going to blog about reviews of hosts or something, it didnt pan out. I ended up using the domain to get my he.net ipv6 certificate (free t-shirt, yes please).

From that I started hosting my own dns servers using nsd3 which I still run today under the vpsaddict.com domain. For a time I also ran mail.vpsaddict.com on this domain using squirrelmail, I would later move this to the soh.re domain and Kolab.

I developed a nifty vm informational page using awk, and scp and csv files for a database, sadly I wasnt using git at the time and that is also now gone.

I now keep the domain around for the dns servers, perhaps Ill find another purpose for it sometime later.

Thanks for reading!